Thursday 29 April 2010

Back to the Sailing Future with Tillerman’s writing challenge.

I was thinking about Tillerman’s latest writing challenge “Sailing in the second space age” while I was dozing on the train.

For some reason I just couldn’t shake off the image of Rodney Mathews “The Ice Spirt”, a sci-fi come middle-earth poster, which hung on thousand student walls during the 70’s; that decade which brought us the musical horror that was the band Sailor (“I’ve got the music, I’ve got the lights, you’ve got the figure full of delights…”) and of course the Morris Marina (nice nautical link there!!).

In my dream, Sigourney Weaver joined Luke Skywalker in a post, punk, apocalyptic, wetland, world defending the bulk carrier Nostromo against belligerent and slimy, alien pirates attacking the ship from their Lasers and Toppers.

We escaped to Tennyson down on the Isle of Wight, for a close encounter with an over large Fairline Flybridge, lit up like a Christmas tree, which was playing four note jingles, while the crew waved good bye to ET, who was sailing out past the needles on his way home.

I will stress that at no time during the 70’s or since have I ever experimented with mind altering drugs.


  1. Are you positive, I mean, are you sure?

  2. What, not even that universal 1970s mind-altering drug, Bailey's?

  3. Wasn't there a scene similar to that picture in Barbarella?

    Surely worth investigating further.....

  4. Are you sure that's not the lyrics to a song by Yes?

  5. Do you picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies?

  6. How could I forget Barbarella - Jane Fonda in a sparkly space suit and she did sail across that ice lake - I must have been dreaming!!

  7. I always wondered about you Max. Now I am wondering even more. Traffic had some albums with interesting lyrics - do tell us your nom de plume.


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