Friday 16 April 2010

Smarter Water

Normally this blog is an antidote to work, but I thought this was worth comment. There are now more than 1 billion transistors for each and every person on the planet.

The big idea from IBM is that with all that computing power and the ability to connect it up (via the Internet, wireless, mobile phones etc) we have the opportunity to capture and use information to create a “Smarter Planet”.

To some that might sound like an Orwellian nightmare, so it’s good to see where the application of technology is used to improve the environment.

It’s worth a comment on John Cohn who is an IBM Fellow and Distinguished Engineer, IBM has only appointed around 194 Fellows since 1963, out of a 400,000 IBM global workforce, it's the highest technical merit the company can bestow. They are pretty special people, scarily clever scientists or technologists with a bunch of patients to their names, who help IBM push forward the boundaries of the possible.

I sent John a note asking if he’d like to do something similar on the Hamble River – don’t hold your breath!


  1. Fantastic video. I never knew. Hey, you might be lucky in getting IBM to do something similar on the Hamble. Isn't IBM Hursley's research centre just up the road from you?

  2. How cold is the Hamble ? :-)


    ps. I used to work in Hursley.. lived in WInchester just stuumbling distance from the Wyckham Arms.

  3. Excellent, it is people like that that make IBM truly unique as a large company.


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