Wednesday 14 April 2010

Grimalkin for sale

I posted about Fastnet yacht Grimalkin back in October last year, so it was nice to get an email from her owner Keith Grainger. Keith has owned her since 2003, fitting her out for both racing and cruising.

After 40 years of sailing the channel ports, Keith reports that "the prospect of another wet and cold beat across the channel or Lyme Bay, has lost some of its allure", a point we fully understand.

As a result Grimalkin is sadly up for sale.

Thanks to Keith for these pictures of what is a boat with a unique history and I understand in good condition for her 32 years.


  1. A haunting history, and that's an understatement. First thought is of the shot from the hovering helicopter, rescuing Nick Ward and his crewmate sprawled dead in the cockpit, lines tangled, spars bent.
    It made a huge impression on me that year at eighteen, and at 49, I still get chills when I see the photo. Ward lives or lived on the Hamble, right? She's got sweet lines, hope someone who appreciates the story buys her. It's amazing the boat wasn't scrapped immediately just for superstition's sake!

  2. P.S.- I love the downturn on the transom, and the fact that the boat is still tiller-steered. Is she listed on-line?

  3. Baydog - here you go

  4. Found it already, my friend. For the right person, what a find. The sight of that starboard jackline again made me think of the
    mayhem that took place.

  5. Just watched an amazing documentary on this Yacht what it went through and its crew ... back in 1979 ... can someone please tell me the make model of this type of yacht ?

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