Friday 9 April 2010

Child Development - One year old

I can't quite believe it's a year to the day when Joe was born!

Some while ago, the government floated the idea of mandatory child development records, which parents would be obliged to keep until their children reached school age.

Since Joe is well into the “m,m,m,mum-mum” and “d,d,d, dad-dad” phase of speech development and as conscientious parents, Erica and I thought it would be good to fully test his cognitive ability.

“Joe, what’s Grandma called?”
“Very good, so what bread do we eat with curry?”
“Brilliant, and if you eat all the sweeties, how many are left?”
"Close enough"

So that's vocabulary, numeracy and contextual appreciation - Job Done!!

After all that effort, time for a quick tune on the piano and then down to the boat for a sail!!


  1. So why is Joe wearing a life jacket whilst playing the piano indoors? After all you do live on a hill or were the winter rains exceptionally bad in your part of Hampshire"
    Happy Birthday Joe

  2. You never know when Global warming might suddenly strike, if seawater rises a meer 70 feet we can have a dinghy dock down by the shed.


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