Thursday 1 April 2010

High Visibility

Manufacturers of a new ultra high luminescent fabric are claiming a breakthrough in marine safely clothing. The material is said to provide ten times the visibility compared with conventional high reflective clothing.

To demonstrate their breakthrough technology, the two models below were positioned aboard a yacht, one each, on port and starboard, to replace the conventional navigation lights while sailing in the Solent.

A spokesman claimed that the display met COLREG and SOLAS requirements and was highly visible.


  1. Nice and reflective, for sure. But how do you clip those harnesses on to the jacklines?

  2. Now I understand the attraction of sailing

  3. Intriguing.

    Has there been any work on development of an alternative to the stern light? I would be happy to volunteer for further visibility trials if that would help.

  4. Available from the Annie Sommers Chandlery dept.
    Other items include; the inflatable brassier flotation device,
    The leather look safety harness, in black leatherette with stainless steel chains, studs and a matching mask.
    There is a wide range of whips for the discerning skipper to chose from, keep your crew in line with style.

  5. I do not believe this test. I want to borrow the models for a non-bias test on the West Coast!

  6. That ought to give you some interesting Google hits.

  7. coast guard approved, of course.


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