Sunday 28 February 2016

Not your typical business travel

"Hello, you're going home already?"  The stewardess recognised me as we'd chatted and she had let me move seats when I'd flown out on a fairly empty transatlantic flight the day before. Having spent just over 24 hours in the US, I was flying home again, not your typical holiday maker on the London to Orlando route.

The air crew had a stop over, done some shopping, chilled by the pool. By contrast I'd had a business dinner when I arrived, a bunch of meetings all day and caught up on email in the departure lounge before boarding. The flight was jam packed with returning holiday makers and around 60 excited teenagers on a school trip (sure beats the geography field trip to Dorset that I remember from school).

Orlando isn't a bad place for business meetings while it's a cold and wet February back home, I managed to get an upgrade for which I was hugely grateful and I wanted to say thank you to the flight crew for making my "flying visit" a bit better.


  1. Photo taken from the Orlando Eye?

  2. O Dock, from my hotel room in the Hylton Bonnet Creek. It was as close as I got to the pool or anything else in the resort. Apart from the convention centre.


  3. Glad you got to thaw for a few hours, but you're probably grateful that Disney has no plans for the Hamble.


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