Tuesday 1 March 2016

Reet' Parkey

For my overseas reader I'd better explain, when I was very young I had an old Uncle who lived in Huddersfield all his life, working in the mills. His Yorkshire accent and slang was so strong,  I couldn't understand half of what he was saying.

 Reet' Parkey was pretty easy - very cold, which pretty well sums up Saturday morning out on the Lymington river where a few RS Teras were out practicing.


  1. Parkey (Michael Parkinson) had a really interesting talk show last century didn't he?

    I would never have guessed Reet'Parkey means very cold but I will know now whenever I see people sailing with woolen hats on their heads.

    I like what I am seeing with these new RS Teras for young sailors - in my opinion a much better boat in every way than those boxy Optimists.

  2. What is the origin of "parky" meaning "cold?" Is it related to the jacket called a parka? Or does it mean it's like standing outside in a park?

    I agree with Alden. The RS Tera looks like way more fun than an Optimist for young sailors.

  3. The Oxford dictionary gives "origin Unknown" - references to coats and parks are too modern, I think it's just based on northern historical gibberish.

  4. Wouldn't that be 'right perky'? I remember old folks saying it was 'pretty perky out today'.

  5. Michael, I've heard that expression as well, but in the People's Republic of Yorkshire it's definitely Parky


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