Saturday 6 February 2016

Not Ankle Deep

We stumbled upon this interesting boat in a local yard.  Some time ago I started a thread on the Wooden boat forum about Low Horsepower Planning Boats, which was very popular and has some very interesting boats on it, one of which is Ankle Deep a fast planning launch built by Uffa Fox. Not having seen the original but from the drawings and pictures this boat although much smaller has many similarities.

The bow is fine and flared and if not exactly wave piercing then looks well able to cut through the local Solent chop, while the rear sections are flat and certainly give the impression that they are able to plane. Quite different and unusual is the inboard engine, Ankle Deep by contrast had twin outboards. I'm guessing this boat to be around 12 to 14  feet, so curious to know it’s purpose, but alas there was no one around to ask.

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  1. I have a number of Uffa Fox books but I can't find this design. I am intrigued by the very square shaped stern.


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