Wednesday 10 February 2016

Greg's tent

While we were down in Hamble watching the affects of the latest storm, we bumped into our friend and local boat builder Greg, He's building a new gaffer up at the Elephant and was a bit worried about the tent in which the boat's housed.

A bit later I was walking back from he fish mongers behind Bursledon bridge, so  I thought I'd take a look. Even at the top of the river which is pretty sheltered there were cresting waves as the ebb tide was running.

But as expected the tent was still there safe and if a little windswept, sound. But I couldn't help thinking that I wouldn't want to have my boat in or near the dry stack on the other side of the river, that's a lot of windage perched up top.

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  1. I find this photograph of a "drystack" rather alarming. There is a stack system like this in Auckland near Westhaven Marina but it is inside a large strong building. I don't like the look of this outside version at all.


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