Monday 8 February 2016

Wild Weekend

It was a wild and sometimes wet Saturday as the latest storm blew through. We had lunch down at the shack or as it's been renamed The Beach Hut Cafe  watching the SSW wind howling and pushing waves straight up the river.

Out in the mid stream moorings things were pretty lumpy, with waves surging and bouncing boats around on their moorings, Fortunately these boats had been left to take the prevailing winter winds on the bow.

Not so this one in one of the marinas, the mooring lines were being worked very hard.

Probably the best river moorings are like the one above, there are no swinging moorings in Hamble as the harbour master likes to pack as many boats in as possible. Secured fore and aft this boat had settled beam on.

While we were eating we saw a 35 footer heading for the river entrance, hunkered down with a double reefed main. I suggested to Erica that maybe they wouldn't be out long and sure enough before we'd finished eating they were back.

The boat at the back wasn't sinking, the waves had set up a bit of a Mexican wave running though the moorings which sent some boats depending on their hull and keel profile rolling, rolling, rolling.

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  1. Makes me glad I was in a sheltered location. The locals were complaining about the wind but compared to the South Coast it was a slight breeze of no significance.


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