Tuesday 6 July 2010


Ok, so it's not exactly Lady Gaga, but this telephone box , perched on the dock head at a local marina, always makes me smile.

After the old state telephone monopoly was privatised and became British Telecom, loads of these old, traditional, cast iron telephone boxes were sold off. I can remember them being sold for as little as £50. People bought them for all sorts of uses, garden ornaments, even shower cubicles.

Quite why this one ended up at the end of the pontoon, I don't know, maybe in those far off and pre mobile phone days, there was a phone line back to the marina office.


  1. Our phone booths have none of the ambiance of your old classics, but there aren't many of them left -- except the one standing at the head of the ramp down to my dock. It's the only one for miles and there are more visitors to that phone booth than to the dock itself.
    A sure sign that technology may be like the boat running downwind that outruns it's air.

  2. Phone booths have pretty much disappeared here too.
    Any chance they used that booth as a hut for the launch driver or dock attendant? Granted it is small, but I have seen some small shacks used for that purpose.


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