Friday 23 July 2010

Super Yacht

Which of course is the American usage of the word "yacht" which means motor boat, as opposed to "sail boat" which means yacht. Two nations divided by a common language.

In recent years Southampton has expanded as a centre for super yacht maintenance and repair. We spotted this lovely motor vessel heading up Southampton water recently.

I'm guessing it was coming to Southampton for some work, unless that is the owner has a special interest in cruising past the Fawley oil refinery, then again maybe he owns it!!


  1. He may not own the Fawley oil refinery, but he must be their best customer.

  2. Do you ever get the ones owned by Russian tycoons?

  3. I understand, however, that this particular yacht gets 31 gpm river, and 39 ocean.

  4. Why does that thing remind me of an Imperial Battle Cruiser from Star Wars?

  5. Let us be thankful that he or she does not have a Harrier jet or massive helicopter on the foredeck !! We get these types (well, the helicopter, at least), fairly frequently in Vancouver, Burrard Inlet.

    A few years ago, there was a motor-sailer built here whose mast was so tall that it could not pass into any but the largest deep water ports. So, from Van to San Diego, only 3 ports, maybe four. They had to unstep the mast to take it down the Fraser River from the yard, because the aluminium mast came within 3 metres of the overhead super-high-voltage lines. Would have melted the mast top half and probably detonated the boat.

    The architects should really consult with the yard forepersons about some of their fantasies !!

    Blessings all !

  6. Thanks for all the comments, interstingly Super Yacht Mirabelle V was built (or at least fitted out) locally, her claim is she's the largest sloop in the world - if you have a bridge she can't visit you - which apparently includes the Golden gate.


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