Friday 9 July 2010

More Tucker Designs

Down on the slipway in Hamble I noticed this Robert Tucker designed Caprice, looking slightly sad, you could say it had lost it's Mojo, but it brought back fond memories.

The Caprice was my first yacht, I had a fibre glass one, a Mk V I think. It was very small, so small you had to stick you head out of the fore hatch if you wanted to sit on the toilet. That said it was a good sea boat, solid and dependable and cheap, which allowed me to go sailing without breaking the bank.

The same day, Tom over at 70.8% sent me this picture of another Tucker boat, a Matilda 20.

This particular Matilda, built in 1978 is "Ternabout", quietly famous, she is owned by Paul Esterle, aka Capt'n Pauley and has been the subject of many how to articles in the American journal Small Craft Advisor.

1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of my dad's Hurley Silhouette!
    And the British seagull you said you'd use as a kedge! :(


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