Friday 2 July 2010


I wrote about a local mooring barge, the "Charles Atlas" back in April, well the other mooring contractor on the river has a similar barge, but it's painted PINK.

While you might be forgiven for thinking it's a reaction to the he-man Charles Atlas competitor, it's actually part of the company branding.

There's the Pink Ferry, which runs a passenger service between Hamble town quay and Warsash.
And across on the Warsash side, there's the pink shelter. When the ferry company came up with this branding, there were a few complaints about the shelter, but it's become an accepted part of the Hamble scene over the years.

Pretty much everything in the yard is pink (there's almost a play on words that I couldn't resist).

Including the fork lift truck!
I'm not quite sure what a pink canal boat is doing on the slip way, maybe it's going to be used as a pink, floating porta-cabin.

And of course the river wouldn't be complete without a pink water taxi.

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  1. Gosh - this is amazing! Is the company run by a 7-year-old girl?!


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