Saturday 17 July 2010

Pea Jay

I caught a glimpse of this lovely sloop while we were walking along the foreshore at Mylor in Cornwall. Even from a distance she looked fantastic so I walked right around the marina for a closer look.

She looks new and I'm guessing she is a version of the Herreshoff designed 12 1/2 - also known as the Buzzard's Bay.

While the original was a keel boat, Joel White designed a centreboard version known as the Haven 12 1/2. A quick Google revealed that one was built by two students at the Boat Building Acadamy at Lyme Regis - see Gavin Atkin's In the Boatshed.

If it's the same boat they certainly made a fine job of her. Shame about the fenders, but it was the best shot I could get.

I'd love to see her out sailing on Carrick Roads.


  1. There is an article in the most recent "Watercraft" about Peter Chesworth and his fleet of hire boats based at Mylor. I think it mentions him aquiring a Haven 12 1/2 for his fleet, is there a connection? 3 Big fenders--Hire Boat ?? Regards John

  2. That is sharp! (even with the blue fenders)

  3. That is one gorgeous looking boat..

  4. cap'n black said exactly what I was thinking. gorgeous, just plan gorgeous.

  5. Pea Jay was built over a 4 1/2 year period in between gardening,decorating,bathroom alterations and work at my home in Devoran,Cornwall.She was launced at Devoran on June 13th 2010. I also have all the photo,s of her contruction and casting the lead keel. So pleased she is admired. Sorry about the fenders, they were a gift. John.


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