Monday 21 June 2010


Like a lot of men, I really don't like shopping. Most of the things I want I can get on-line, so I don't see the need to go into town with the crowds and parking problems, besides which I can usually think of a dozen things I rather be doing.

That said, Erica has been wanting me to help her choose a couple of chairs and look at rugs and a few other things for the house; which means a trip to the shops, one that I've been putting off for a few months.

Fortunately I'm really not that bothered about football (that's the game with the round ball) so we took advantage of Friday's England - Algeria game in the world cup to go to IKEA. It was great, the car park was empty, and even though we have to walk all around the winding IKEA store, it was empty.

Even the restaurant was empty, so we all had meatballs, before leisurely paying at the check out, no queues, no crowds, that's how shopping should be!!

And from what I hear, I didn't miss much, not seeing the match.


  1. It was a far better use of your time, though you could have gone looking for a boat

  2. The reason for nipping out to Ikea on Friday night was so I was free to spend Saturday looking at boats - cunning plan!!


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