Friday 11 June 2010

Pieces of Eight

I'm not sure if this is an 8 Meter class (which somewhat spoils the title) but she was very definitely designed to the meter rules.

Her name is Ilderim (presumably the sail cover is from another boat), designed by Tore Hold and built in 1936 as Sweden's Olympic entry. The games were held in Keil and Ilderim finished first overall.

Look at those fantastic lines, you can imagine her slicing through the water and leaving just the slightest ripple.

As the Solent season swings into gear, starting with the Around the Island Race on June 19th, hopefully we will see her out on the water.


  1. Your post title seems to be appropriate.

    Confirmation here.

    More here.

    The kind of lines that bring tears to one's eyes. Now if only she didn't have running backstays.

  2. What a lovely boat, just lovely, would be great to see her under sail.

  3. Definitely not suitable for Barnegat Bay, but sweet nonetheless.



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