Saturday 19 June 2010

Cruise Ships

It was a change over weekend at the cruise ship dock in Southampton, and the late afternoon high water was ideal for an early evening departure.

It must have been a busy day as no less than four ships departed on the tide.

Below, the ship on the left of the picture has turned west around Calshot Spit buoy, while the one on the right is heading south down Southampton water on it's approach to Calshot.

Yet another liner (below) makes the turn around Calshot slightly obscured by the Warsash fore shore, while in the distance a forth ship heads eastward, along the Solent near to Cowes, having completed the winding "S bend" channel which avoids the Bramble Bank.


  1. Hello, nice place to see beautiful sea pictures.

  2. The timetable below includes upcoming Carnival Cruise Insider Tips calling Auckland. To view details of arrivals/departures of cruise ships,


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