Saturday 19 June 2010

Round the Island Race

Today was the annual Round the Island Race, when 1800 or so yachts of all types and sizes race around the Isle of Wight.

We got up far to late for the start, which kicks off from around 6.00 AM onwards with the various classes staggered to improve the racing and to avoid problems with some of the bigger and much faster boats.

Here (above) late morning, the main fleet is rounding Seaview and the No Man's Land fort off the north eastern end of the Isle of Wight. They had already sailed west from the start off Cowes, around the Needles and south off St Catherine's point at the bottom of the island, this was the start of the home stretch back to Cowes and the finish.

Sailing close to the Wight shoreline, past Wootten on the final leg.


  1. I'm glad Tony Hayward was able to find some clear blue water to sail in.....

  2. was just gonna say that it was nice to hear only about sailboats, but you really can't get away from that story, can you?

  3. No, not to you, Doc. To the whole firestorm.

  4. The firestorm can't be expected to burn out before BP's oil spill is stoppered.


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