Tuesday 8 June 2010

Beale Park

On Sunday we drove up to Pangbourne on the River Thames where the Beale Park boat show is held. I had forgotten how beautiful the river is, the quintessential English river winding it's quiet way betweens the lush green hills of the Thames valley.

Most of the exhibits were small sailing and rowing craft and there was just enough wind to keep a small fleet active on the lake.

One of my favourites(above) is the slightly unfortunately named BJ17, designed by Nigel Irens and built by a Dutch yard Jachtbouw Bart Jan Bats in Zaandam she's very much in the spirit of Roxanne and Romilly with high peaked lug sail and carbon spars.


  1. Sorry, but the BJ17 is built by Jachtbouw Bart Jan Bats in Zaandam, www.bj17.nl!

  2. Apologies for the mistake - corrected now


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