Saturday 5 June 2010

Gypsy Moth for sale

Despite the rain, I had to jump out of the car and take a photo of Sir Francis Chichester's famous yacht Gypsy Moth IV on the for sale lot at the Berthon yard in Lymington.

I can remember my family's excitement following the single handed circumnavigation and the arrival of Sir Francis to a hero's welcome back in the 1960's.

We were fortunate to be invited aboard Gypsy Moth just after her restoration in 2005 and to watch her racing off Cowes with her contemporaries Suhali and Lively Lady.

Gypsy Moth has had a bit of a checkered history, apparently Chichester didn't like her much, although she did the job for which she was designed. She was set in concrete for 25 years in Greenwich as a rather sad monument. Restored in 2005, she set sail on her second around the world voyage only to run aground on a reef in the Tuomotus, known as The Dangerous Archipelago.

Lets hope she goes to a good home.


  1. It's sad to see that Gypsy Moth's historical hold on affections seems so tenuous. Rather a fall from fame and grace.

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