Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Summer Sightings

Hopefully with the snow and bad weather behind us, it won't be long until the nights draw out and summer is here again. So here's a reminder of the summer and some of the boats on the river during 2009.

These rocket ships were assembled in July, I guess waiting for start of the Fastnet race.

A few yards away is this wonderful gaff ketch, I think it’s a Fife, but the tide was running so I couldn’t get close enough for a good look.

I’m guessing this latest Spirit Yacht was on the Hamble for the main season’s event – Cowes – beautiful. You can see why James Bond would want one.

On a more modest scale there are several Folk Boats on the river, they are lovely, this Scandinavian version is preparing to slip the mooring.

There’s a growing fleet of Memory’s on the river, built at Saltern’s Boatyard up by Hackett’s Marsh, they are a 19 foot gaff rigged sloop and very fast – well they keep beating me in the Old Gaffers event!!

Not wanting to wish the year away, but roll on summer!

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