Sunday 3 January 2010

Greg's New Boat

After my failed attempt to do some work at the boatyard yesterday, I rowed down the river and bumped into a friend Greg who has just bought this pretty little motorboat.

She was designed by Fred Parker of Warsash in the late 1960's or early 70's and the original boats were built locally on the river up at Botley. This one was built much later in the 90's and is a great example of a displacement motorboat, stable and seaworthy, she's ideal for the Solent.

Greg tells me she slips along at 6.5 knots using less than a gallon an hour, so she will got to most places in about the same time as it takes to sail. Just the thing for a nipping over to Cowes, a spot of fishing or just taking it easy in Newton Creek.

I have a thing about transom's and I think Mr Parker drew an especially nice one here, my advice to Greg, ditch the ladder and write her name in big, bold, gold letters.


  1. A little more clutter doesn't hurt a boat that's ugly by design. But it is the enemy of an elegant vessel. Possibly there's a way to retain the function of a boarding ladder without marring the transom. But, an uninterrupted transom looks right on a classic boat.

    For some time, we had an ugly motor mount on the stern of my wife's Etchells sailboat (essentially a great big dinghy; we'd initially used a small motor to cope with calms, tight marina corners, and trailer launching). But, eventually we tired of the motor and then finally removed the bracket. Now "Black Magic" appears that much more a proper miniature yacht.

    Desert Sea

  2. Hi Pat, it looks like you had better weather for a new year sail than we did.

    Good idea to ditch the outboard and bracket, the local XOD's sail without engines and look the better for it!


  3. Hi Max,
    I agree, a most handsome transom! She will soon have her name Sapphire writ large on her ample bottom. There will still be room for the ladder... I checked! but we did ditch the outboard bracket.
    We re-named her Sapphire cos they are dark blue and it's the sort of name you'd give to a fat New Forest pony. We did think of naminmg her after a 50's film star as she has fat, sexy hull lines but I couldn't spell Gina Lollobridgida, especially over the VHF.
    By the way, she was designed by Fred Parker of Warsash. If anyone has a lines drawing of a Parker Na'tant 24, I would like to have a copy as I'd love to make a half model.
    Many thanks for helping moor the boat.

  4. Thanks Greg and apologies to Mr Parker

  5. I just happened to come across your blogg that contained pictures of a Na'tant.

    My family has owned one of these for the last 24 years - got to agree they are good looking boats - I have some details from the original brochure too


  6. Hi Fellow Parker Na'tant 24 owner!!
    Are you local to R Hamble?
    I am very keen to find out more about these boats and would love to see any original bumf on them, especially lines plans.
    My other boat is a gaff rigged Memory 19
    My email address is it would be great to get in touch

  7. Hi
    I have been looking at a Na'tant 24 for sale on ebay. Looks like an ideal boat for my young family.
    I have spent all night digging on the internet for more info on these pretty motorboats to no avail.
    Did anyone find a link on the net to the original brochure, or would the kind gent consider scanning it?


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