Tuesday 5 January 2010

Sarisbury Snow

It doesn't snow here very often, so tonight's snow fall caught out more than a few commuters.

This is the main A27 going up from Swanwick to Sarisbury Green, the snow had fallen so fast and so quickly that cars were getting stuck trying to get up the hill. More than one driver made things worse by spinning their wheels in first gear.

As people abandoned cars at the side of the road, divers trying to go up the middle got stuck.

Those going downhill had an easier time, but got stuck the other side of the river going up Providence Hill.


  1. I have to say that there are three things that the US (or at least the parts of the US where I have lived) does better than the UK...

    a) baseball
    b) fast food
    c) coping with a few inches of snow.

  2. Divers going up the road?? water must be deep

  3. Well spotted - I must have had the spellchecker set to English (submariner)

  4. How is the snow over with you today?

    There wasn't much here but it melted and is now a rather lethal layer of ice

    Have replied to Tillerman on my blog

  5. JP Have to agree with you we're still frozen- (just left a comment on your post)

    Baseball (rounders) - and the world series is played in how many countries?

    Food - slow is best with proper warm beer - just the thing in this weather - no contest

    2 out of three to the old world?


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