Friday 8 January 2010

Snow Scenes

We don't get snow often and when we do it normally disappears in a couple of hours, so I couldn't miss the opportunity to see what the river looks like.

A snowman down on Swanwick hard is definitely a first, certainly as long as I've lived here. Mind you he does look a little bit drunk, must be all that sea air!

The dingy park looks quite nice, some of the more tired and tatty dinghies look much better with a think covering of snow.

And yes, for those who noticed, that really was a canoe in the background, some people will go out in any weather.

The Jolly Sailor looks really nice with a covering of winter snow, on occasion I've been known to fall over on my way home and that's without all the ice and snow!

Right across the river everything is black and white and cold, looking like the heart of winter.


  1. Very picturesque. I thought that now would be the time for a brisk row on the river - no wind at least!

  2. About time to check that the Jolly Sailor is still OK.


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