Thursday 7 January 2010

Annabel J - Pilot Cutter

Back in April I wrote about local pilot cutter Annabel J and the unusual method of mast painting . I was delighted to get an email from skipper Phil Cogdell recently with more details and some super photos.

Annabel J is a local boat, based on the Hamble, she was constructed some 15 years ago to the lines of Marguerita T, a famous pilot cutter built in 1893
and sailed by the Bristol pilot Frank Trott.

The designers of Annabel J, Duchy Boatyard Services, have managed to combine modern materials while retaining the traditional elements, ideas and character of the pilot cutters.

At 54 feet in length on deck and 40 tons displacement Annabel J is one of the largest of her type, yet she is fast thanks to her large, powerful and well planned sail plan. She has left more than a few modern yachts in her wake.

With her pilot cutter heritage, you would also feel confident and comfortable standing up to some bad weather.

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  1. Thanks for posting details of our beautiful Pilot Cutter.
    If anyone wants to try 'proper' sailing we have planned some superb voyages this year, including the Scilly Isles, Channel Isles and Brittany. In brittany we are taking part in the St Malo regatta which features a fleet of Pilot Cutters racing to a waiting ship to drop a Pilot; just like days of old. After St Malo we sail south, hopefully as far as the Gulf de Morbihan. Details are on our web site


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