Friday 2 September 2016

Snippet on the water

I've featured Snippet before back in the chilly winter days of 2012, so it was great to see her out on the water during the summer, even if not actually sailing.

She's by all accounts a George Holmes canoe yawl, details on the Canoe Yawl Association site

Looks great.


  1. Ah, now this is a posting to warm the cockles of my heart! - I have been reading a lot about George Holmes, Albert Strange and the Humber Yawl Club recently. (Holmes of the Humber by Tony Watts, and Albert Strange Yacht Designer and Artist by John Leather).

    Snippet was the boat that succeeded Holmes' famous little yawl 'Eel'. George Holmes had something like 15 little boats in the first 15 years of yacht ownership - he then owned the famous and much travelled little 'Eel' which he owned for 15 years and then 'Snippet' which he owned for the rest of his life. 'Snippet' is in many ways a larger 'Eel'.

    'Snippet' is an interesting study in obtaining more commodious accommodation in a low freeboard shoal draft centreboard hull. The high camber in the coach roof allows added room giving 'Snippet' a not unattractive quirky and distinctive look.

    'Snippet' was launched in 1913 which makes her more than 100 years old - so great to see her still going strong! (as is the even older little 'Eel').

  2. She puts me in mind of Arthur Ransome and his Norfolk Broads stories....

  3. She looks rather like Ailie, a Clyde Canoe Club yawl that I crewed on board for a couple of seasons in the mid-60s. Ailie was designed by a Scot who admired the designs of Albert Strange. She was around 25 ft overall with a galvanised centre plate, and with her 400 sq.ft. sail area she went like stink off the wind. She had no motor, precious little headroom, a tiny cockpit, and the deck leaked when it rained so one tended to wear oilies quite a lot both on deck and below. The owner was Jack Bernfeld from Arnside, who was never satisfied until he had logged over 1000 miles in her each year cruising to all parts of the Irish Sea.

    1. I remember Ailie in the shed at the boatyard.


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