Friday 23 September 2016

At the back of the boatyard

There's often something interesting walking our local boatyards,but this was pretty unusual, an abandoned yacht being cut up very sad.

More upbeat, a genuine Bugatti Type 35? Just the car for nipping down to the boat with your overalls and a few tins of anti foul paint.

Progress on Greg's gaffer hasn't made as much progress as he'd hoped, but the cockpit and coach roof are looking very nice.

It's really tricky taking photos inside the tent, but you can see she's coming on well.


  1. I reckon that boat was sawn up as part of a divorce settlement. He got the cockpit, rudder and rig; she kept the galley, saloon and heads.

  2. Surely a replica (the Bugatti)?? Either way, lovely, and the gaffer... :o)


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