Friday 9 September 2016

More on Tricorns

There's been some developments in the rare world of the  Illingworth & Primrose designed  Tricorn dinghy (only around 37 or so were built) which have previously  been featured both on this blog and 1001 Boats.

Fellow author on 1001 Boats, Patrick has been restoring and sailing his Tricorn Salvo over in France and she looks very smart, there are many more pictures of the boat and the restoration here.

James Kennedy across the Atlantic has just come across a Tricorn that his family owned back in 1962, purchased by his father a day or two before he was born. Given that it's over 50 years old it looks in remarkably good condition

As a cruising dinghy it's a really interesting boat, while it's a little dated in style and detail there's actually not much that compares today.

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  1. Nice boat, and perhaps easier to maintain than a wooden Wayfarer (Wayfarers need a cuddy cabin unless you are in your prime in the 1960s and your surname is Dye).


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