Sunday 25 September 2016

Hamble Classics

The Royal Southern YC hosted the Hamble Classic regatta at the weekend, with a finish line for some of the classes in the river, so we found an upstairs table at the Beach Hut Cafe to watch the action.

The XOD fleet were the next to finish, working their way up the crowded river.

Not the leaders but these two finishing neck and neck.

It seemed like the gaffers and bigger boats had the finish line out in Southampton Water, but we got to see them returning to he marine. This looks like and Ed Burnett design modern gaffer.

Definitely an original gentleman's yacht, Thalia  with full crew.

Another local boat, which I think is a Harrison Butler.

And another very local boat SCOD, South Coast One Design.

Duet looks lovely if a little complex.


  1. Did you get to see Sir Robin? I think Suhaili has just completed a refit for this regatta..

  2. we saw Suhali going past, but the photo was rally poor - lots of camera shake.

  3. Sounds like a bit of heaven, watching classic yachts passing from a good vantage in a strategically placed cafe.

  4. The Ed Burnett design is Ivy Green. She has a website. Yes, the boat is a Harrison Butler but I'm not sue which one; the fleet was out in force. Small gaffers finished in the river but only two raced on Sat and none on Sun when the wind Got up more strongly than forecast.


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