Monday 5 September 2016

Not quite a Firefly

I've seen this boat before, but only recently had the opportunity to chat to the owner, who was launching at Swanwick hard for Bursledon regatta.

Built as a one off in the 1960's the hull was based on the Firefly, although in this case cold-molded rather than hot molded which was the norm for production Firefly's.

The single lugsail is also a departure from Uffa Fox's design which was originally drawn in 1938.

The result is very pretty, presumably light weight and simple to rig, all in all a delightful dinghy.


  1. I am glad you posted this, it has coincided with my decision to put a sail on the dinghy I am currently renovating. This rig looks almost designed for my own little boat - I will use it as a reference.

  2. Alden - I really like single sail small dinghies - we have 2

    Cornish Cormorant - which is gaff rig on free standing mast

    and Erica's SCOW which is standing lug

    I'm really getting to like the standing lug as it's very easy, lightweight and has lots of adjustments.

    email me if you want any details/photo's

  3. Thanks Max.
    The rig on 'Not Quite a Firefly' is slightly different to Ericas Scow in that the boom in connected to the aft side of the mast on a goose neck of sorts, I like the look of this as well.
    Cormorants rig being the traditional cat boat gaff is also an attractive option.
    However I rig my dinghy I would like the whole rig able to be stowed within the length of the dinghy and the boom high enough not to clout me on the head when tacking.

  4. Alden, good points, one of the things I like about the SCOW is that neither gaff nor boom are attached to the mast, so I can unclipp everything in moments and roll spars and sail up for stowage, the mast doesn't quote fit in the boat but that's because I fitted out the bows with a solid bouyancy tank which goes almost up to the deck. overhang is about 4 inches - bad planning on my part. The downhaul at the front of the boom gives lots of control and is great for luff tension.

    I'm sure you'll work out a good rig, look forward to seeing it


  5. Gosh, what a lovely looking boat. Thanks, Max!


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