Sunday 6 December 2009

Petit Brise

In my recent post about the HBBR "Amble up the Hamble" I commented that the pretty Selway Fisher designed Petit Brise would make an ideal yacht tender, little did I know that's precisely how Paul Fisher intended.

Owners of Penny, Steve and Marge, sent me an email to say that Petite Brise was designed as a new tender for the famous Pilot Cutter Jolie Brise . She is owned by Dauntsey's school, so the tender was designed so that it could be built by pupils at the school and would be a safe and tough tender which could be used to teach basic boat handling and sailing.

The design is a Swampscott Dory, with the typical flat floor, the clinker ply construction is strong and light as the boat is stowed on deck.

Steve and Marge made a great job of building Penny. According to the designer's notes she is light enough to be car topped - I like her more and more.

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