Thursday 24 December 2009

Dear Santa.....

I've always liked the Tofinou boats built by Latitude 42 in France, but this one is my favorite, a 9.5 meter Tofinou designed by Phillipe Joubert as a high performance day sailer.

Long, with narrow beam and lifting bulb keel, she sports 41 Sq Meters of sail in main and jib, plus a huge asymmetric. With a displacement of 2300Kg the Tofinou is a flyer with looks to match.

I wonder if Santa could get one down my chimney?


  1. Aww, want one! Always did want one of those beautiful Tofinous. I was over at Sailing Anarchy today (not to be recommended, lots of rude words, but now and again a gem) and saw this, which fairly blew me socks off - a carbon fibre BB11!

    I am lucky to have a BB11 tucked away up in South Ferriby awaiting cosmetic restoration, but this updating of the skerry cruiser is breathtaking. Their 40 footer is to die for, but at $162,000, they'll have stopped printing papers before I have enough paper round money for that baby -

    All the best, Max, with boating and blogging in 2010

    Greg Dunn

  2. I know why that 9.5 meter Tofinou first because it was designed by Phillipe Joubert and then because it is so elegant, is what I need to surprise my girlfriend, I know when I buying one like that she'll be so happy.m10m


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