Monday 21 December 2009

A Christmas Tale Part 1

December 21st 1997 S/Y Blue Clipper

Our daily plot, showed we had just over 200Nm to go to Barbados, as a check I put a waypoint into the GPS for a position about two miles off the southern tip of the island. Clicking the “go to” feature gave us the accurate distance and estimated time of arrival; if we maintained our course and speed we would be there in two days, the 23rd of December and in time for Erica to ring her parents before Christmas.

The following morning we were able to pick up the local FM radio stations from Barbados. We were alone, on a small yacht, on a wide blue ocean, under the tropical sun listening to Christmas carols being played across the airwaves.
Weird! But I just couldn’t stop singing “Frosty the Snowman”.

With our goal in sight, we drove the boat hard, sailing as fast as possible, as fast as we dared, still conscious that we were still a long way off shore, so couldn’t afford any mistakes or breakages.
During the night watches I couldn’t resist listening to the radio, the proximity was fascinating and delightful, carol singers and jingle bells.


  1. Max, this tiny but enticing snippet cries out to be expanded. I for one, would like to hear more of the story of your voyage. Hope you are enjoying the Solstice Season.

  2. thanks Tom, a bit self indulgent, but sometimes I feel the ned to remind myself what it was like out in the wide ocean.

    Hope you like part 2



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