Friday 18 December 2009

HMS Ark Royal

The aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal returned to her home port Portsmouth today, aboard was my youngest daughter who's been one of the ship's company for over 18 months. We went down to Old Portsmouth to watch the ship enter port.

She was anchored out in the Solent, overnight there had been winds of 40 knots and snow, but by midday it was a clear but cold winter's day.

In total four tugs went out to help guide the carrier in.

From start to finish the whole exercise took about 15 minutes, the Queen's Harbour Master closed the Portsmouth entrance to other traffic while the warship maneuvered.

Close up as Ark Royal passes the fortified ramparts, so many of England's warships have passed this very spot.

And finally she enters port and went alongside in the naval docks.

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  1. Great pix, Max!
    Hey, next time you are welcoming a ship home, let me know and I'll come over and wave too.
    I interviewed a former captain of the Ark Royal last week. Nice bloke - skippers megayachts these days. Bet he earns a lot more than he did in the Grey Funnel Line....


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