Wednesday 16 December 2009

Morning Twilight

One of the good things about short winter days is that you don't have to get up very early to see the morning twilight. In fact my morning run has been getting progressively later and later during the last few weeks.

On Sunday the river was still and the darkness seemed to be hanging around, reluctant to leave and let the daylight brighten up the river.

Across the saltings it was a great time to watch the local wildlife, if a little too dark to photograph them. There were curlews, sandpipers, egrets, oyster catchers, lapwings, brent geese and a few I didn't manage to recognise.

Out on the river it was very calm and peaceful, so unlike the summer months; there's a lot to be said for winter.


  1. Max,
    The second photos is priceless, very nice! It could have been taken right here on the coast where I live. My grandfather introduced me to salt marshes when I was very young.
    By the way... how do you hold the camera still while you're running?


  2. Michael,

    Holding the camera still is really easy, the older I get the more often I have to stop and rest!!



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