Thursday 10 March 2016

An Unlikely Voyage

Fellow blogger  The Unlikely Boat Builder John Almberg very kindly sent me a copy of his recently published book, an account of John's solo 2000 mile voyage in his wooden, gaff cutter.

I finally found a few quiet moments to start reading, only to find I was past page 100 before I realised. What's good about John's writing is that he sets a good pace, neither too, much nor too little detail and does so in a way which so often relate to your own experiences, well mine at least. The dinghy which got loose, the outboard which fails at an inappropriate moment, tackling a difficult and new task with a Zen like approach (something I need to do more often).

I promised John I'd post a review once I've read  An Unlikely Voyage, but my advice is don't wait, go buy it now.

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