Friday 18 March 2016


We haven't been over to Hardway on the west shore of Portsmouth harbour for ages, going back 20 years and more we used to keep a boat on a swing mooring in Bomb Ketch Lake out in the harbour.

The main hard was built up during WW2 to embark tanks and military vehicles for the D Day invasion.

Hardway sailing club was founded in 1945, the clubhouse and compound occupy a prime position on the waterfront, leading to an extensive pontoon which provides access to the waters of Portsmouth harbour at all states of the tide. We were members back in the 1990's when there was very active dinghy and keel boat racing scene, probably still is.

The industrial and military legacy of the area is all around, but it's no less a great spot, here with views across to the Portsmouth dockyards in the distance.

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