Wednesday 2 December 2015

First Light - morning run

Despite a wet and windy weekend, and the obstacle of dragging myself out of a very comfy bed, I got up early to do what is one of my favourite morning runs.

From Fowey Hall the route takes me above the town and then down to the Caffa Mill car park, then back through the town while it's still empty and quiet, along the esplanade down to Readymoney Cove, up a really steep hill and finally back along the top road. It's a short, but sometimes steep 4k run and just the thing to work up a healthy appetite for breakfast.


  1. What intrigues me about the first photograph is the number of yachts in the first photograph out on the hardstand only held up by what we call here (NZ) as 'Aquaprops' - I don't see any solid yacht 'Yacht Cradles' at all! I have never seen this in any yards here - ever. This is not meant as a criticism at all, but considering what I am used to it all looks a bit precarious! Do any of them ever fall over when subjected to a gale of a wind?

  2. Alden, it's pretty common to shore up boats like this, clearly a lot easier with long keel or long fin keels which easily take the wight. The more modern and radical keels clearly need some kind of cradle.

    Some pictures of one of our boats down at the Elephant Yard a few years ago. I guess the health and safety brigade and insurers will be wanting cradles and making us all pay for them.


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