Friday 18 December 2015

Alice - on the hard

 Seen ashore recently at the Agamemnon Boatyard in the heart of the new Forest, the Itchen Ferry Alice was looking a little neglected and in need of some TLC.

Everything looks to be sound, but could really do with some paint and varnish.


  1. What a wonderful looking little boat - she would I guess be related to the famous 'Curlew' of high latitude sailing fame?

  2. Whoops, actually I think Tim and Pauline Carrs 'Curlew' which was donated to the UK National Maritime Museum is a Falmouth Quay Punt but there are similarities.

  3. Alden, yes both are working boats,the Itchen Ferry is a local boat, build on the river Itechen near the Woolston area of Southampton for fishing the relatively protected waters of the Solent. Famous Itchen Ferry boats are Wonder, Fanny, Nellie, Black Bess and a few others -

    the Quay Punt was a Falmouth boat, adapted to working in Carrick Roads and the western approaches.


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