Thursday 10 December 2015

Beaulieu Classics

A fine day for a winter walk along our own Beaulieu River revealed a couple of lovely classic yachts still on their moorings.

Both immaculately maintained, it looks like the owners enjoy varnishing as much as they like sailing and who could blame them.


  1. The Folkboat with white topside so is clearly a very much updated classic. I guess the owner loves his boat and enjoys cruising, as he's lavished some attention and money on in-mast roller reeling on the main and a roller reeling Genoa. He's also fitted a very discreet spray hood to the main hatch. I wonder what other mods he's made?

    The varnished boat's owner is more a racing man, I fancy, since he seems to have kept his boat in strict Nordic Folkboat one-design trim, with wooden spars and no inboard motor.

  2. No matter how the cabin design is altered I still feel the Folkboat looks best as per the original design - with a short little cabin that stops short of the mast. I feel the same about the International Dragon which looks wonderfully balanced and appealing with her original little cabin trunk. I always feel that a Dragon set up for cruising (despite its very modest accommodation ) would make a beautiful fast little weekender.


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