Saturday 2 October 2010

More Working Boats

Not all working boats set a cloud of sail on a sparking sea, these modest craft were seen off the town quay in Falmouth. Years ago the water front outside the customs house would have been alive with small rowing boats plying their trade around the harbour, moving goods and crew between the anchored ships and the shore.

These two fine examples are both of traditional carvel construction, whether they are actually still working boats I don't know, certainly the one below looks to be very wel kept, so maybe it's a pleasure craft.

The design is interesting, you can see the lineage in our local Bursledon Gig, which is a fibreglass boat based on an old a Falmouth design.

Not all were strictly traditional, the boat at the rear has been fitted with an outboard, although the thwarts are clearly laid out for rowing. In the foreground a dory type, not a native of west country, construction appears to be glued plywood, but non the less a good work boat.

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