Wednesday 20 October 2010

New Boat

No, sadly we haven't resolved our dilemma over the replacement for Greta.

Hamble River Rowing took delivery of a new Bursledon Gig this week, well a hull anyway. The fibreglass hull will be fitted out over winter to be ready for next year.

The current HRR boats will be out on the river on 6th November to take advantage of a big tide to row up to the Horse and Jockey pub at Botley.


  1. What is it with rowers and pubs? Is rowing just an excuse to get away from the missus and go down the pub with the other blokes?

  2. It's to keep up the carbs for the return trip. A man needs his nourishment!
    The Oregon Coots will be making a similar trip this Saturday on Doryman's own Yaquina river and the destination is the barbecued ribs and pulled pork place in Toledo. Designer beers optional. The HBBR guys are welcome, as always!


  3. Interesting point Tiller but there are more girls than men in HRR.

    Nice idea Michael - bit of a long way to come for a pint!

  4. What is this concept 'a long way to come for a pint'? Oregon beer is worth the journey - I went to Steelhead in Eugene once, lovely stuff.
    Unlike Idaho. Had raspberry flavoured beer there. Urgh.


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