Tuesday 21 September 2010

Ten Summers

Colleague and fellow blogger Barry has written a post "Sundowners for Andy" about a memorial gathering on Saturday for our friend Andy, who sadly died of cancer almost two years ago.

Andy was a party animal and raconteur and always generous of spirit, seen above at the start of the Three Creeks Race a few years ago.

In his more philosophical moments Andy would say that most things you do in life last for ten summers before you move on to something new. Before he took up sailing he had been an alpine mountaineer having climbed extensively including the famous Mont Blanc and the Himalayas.

"Ten Summers" is an idea that has stuck with me.


  1. Great name for a boat, in honor of your friend.

  2. funny enough we had that exact thought - watch this space

  3. Looking back Andy was about right. I ran competitively for about 10 years. Was a Scout Leader for about 10 years - been married for nearly 40 years though!!!

  4. Cracking one open right now to toast Andy!


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