Saturday 18 September 2010

The Wight

The trouble with sailing to the Isle of Wight is that inevitably we always go to the same familiar places, Cowes, Yarmouth, Newtown etc, so this summer we decided to take the car across on the Red Funnel ferry and have a better look around.

One of the most interesting places was Ventnor on the south east coast, a very steep sided Victorian resort. Despite the small haven, Ventnor located on the south east of the island isn't really a place you would normally visit by yacht.

Down on the beach in Ventnor, “Blakes” are still renting out deck chairs from their traditional wooden hut built on the promenade.

Joe had decided that playing on the beach was much more fun than driving, not difficult to see why, this gently sloping sand near Bembridge is exposed at low water and made the perfect afternoon play spot.

Bembridgeharbour is also a great spot for Dad to get his boat fix, lots of traditional boats, and the eclectic collection of house boats along the harbour edge. Since it dries, visiting Bembridge by car means no worries about tidal heights or waiting on the tide.

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