Friday 10 March 2017

High water Brockenhurst

The perceptive and those who know their geography will already be aware that Brockenhurst is a delightful village in middle of the New Forest about six or seven miles from the sea.

What with Storm Doris and the general heavy rain we've had of late the top of the Lymington river was in full flood.

There was quite a current running under the road bridge which spilled out across banks.

I was thinking hopefully the owner of this property doesn't need anything from his greenhouse, but maybe it's the latest thing in hydroponics.


  1. I can identify with this - the amount of rain the North of NZ is getting as I type is torrential "Once in a 100 years" downpours according to the weather people. Of course where ever there is water, there is a place to float something : > )

  2. Brockenhurst sounds like it'd be a delicious sausage.


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