Monday 13 March 2017

Dr Who

I can just about remember hiding behind the sofa when Dr Who first came on the telly back in the early 1960's. It's amazing that given the tiny black and white telly we had in those days that it was so scary - although there was a great episode I seem to remember when the Doctor ran some Daleks over with a dustbin lorry and we all cheered.

Fast forward more than a few years the Daleks are still around but the new generation are not finding them quite so intimidating.


  1. cybermen max, cybermen. I didn't sleep for nights after first encountering them. I spent most of my life behind the sofa!!

  2. I think in even the most remote parts of the globe - people know what Daleks are (and there unique voices) just as they know about Coronation Street.

  3. Ok full disclosure... I've never watched it. But we also didn't watch any* TV when I was a kid.

    * except for a rare sports game. oh, and a cooking show my dad liked, and a nature show (both on public television)


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