Friday 24 March 2017

Barcelona Bikes

It's probably because we're relaxed and have more time but I seem to notice interesting motorbikes when we're on holiday.

This Montesa was parked near our apartment in Barcelona. Montesa is better known for off road trail bikes, but this is a commuter bike which I think was called the Impala made in the 1960's amd 70's.

While I was taking the picture a man came up to me and explaied it belongs to his brother who runs the local bakery, deli where we had breakfast most days, sadly he wasn't there when we visited to find out more details.

A BMW R60 in great condition, if I see one of these in the right condition and the right price I'm going to buy it - probably my third or forth mid life crisis.

There  were a lot of these electric mopeds running around, including one which nearly ran me over (can't hear them coming - must look around more). If we had better weather, think less rain I'd be more than happy popping down the shops on one.

Not sure I'm that keen on these, fantastic technology and all that, there were a lot on hire zooming up and down the seafront.


  1. This was intriguing... day maybe...

  2. Steve C5 for a new generation? I'll stick with my 25 yr old mountain bike, but a little electrical assist would be nice going up the hills

  3. Max - I'm with you, but I've noticed an increasing number of far more sophisticated electric assisted bikes turning up in the cycle sheds at work over the last few months/year.. one of these turned up this week... very impressed with the build and you can't argue with Bosch for the power..

  4. Steve, nice but you can buy a cheap car for that much, a lot of e-bikes seem to spec up with disk brakes etc, but really all I want is a bit of a boost when I'm going up heart attack hill (Providence Hill) , disk brakes, front suspension etc nice but not essential

  5. LOL.. can't disagree... my bikes are usually in the £300 range... disk breaks I agree with, but my poor old wrists don't half welcome front suspension!

    1. Steve, £300 for a bike that`s 6x more than I gave for my first van. I must be getting old !

    2. ...and just over 1.5% of the price of my first house, John.. :o) £300 is top of the budget ranges.. some of the serious cyclists at work are spending over three figures (!), and don't even get me started on the cheap alloys they build them from.. I plan in to replace bikes every three to four years.. but I am doing 50-60 miles a week.. :o))

  6. A disc brake on the front of a bike is a big mistake. Only thing more dangerous is no brakes at all!


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