Tuesday 17 May 2016

Scrubbing Post

What could be better, warm sunshine, hardly any wind and a picturesque spot to dry out and scrub. Local cutter Aeolus pulled up at Lands End hard.

Mind you that's quite a lot of scrubbing, when your boat is a "plank on edge" full keel design with eight feet or so of draft. Even more surprising was to see her dried out on a neap tide - HW 3.6m LW 1.7m) but the crew seem to have done a good job.

Aeolus is an interesting boat, about 12 or 15 years ago I went on board with a friend so was considering buying her, in those days she was painted black and had no engine, or very much anything in the interior, there was just just ladder going down into the deep hull.

More recently we had a close encounter in an Old Gaffer's race she momentarily lost control powering up at the end of a downwind leg an got an all too close a view of that magnificent bowsprit.


  1. that seems to me a very deep hull... the proportions seem odd. but then again, I do sail a Sunfish, so maybe I'm not the right one to judge these things.

  2. Yes the design is "plank on edge" very vertical and popular 100 years or so ago, before they really learned how to make boats go fast

  3. well that explains it. still interesting to see how they "beach" it to clean it off.


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