Thursday 26 May 2016

Opi fun

Joseph's Optimist dinghy acquired over winter has been out for a few times now.

Some creek crawling, looking for pirate treasure with friend.

Near miss avoiding a collision, although he didn't do so well later on the way back to the club, rounding up in a sudden gust, he managed to ram the sea wall head on.


  1. I love pictures of kids in Optis. How old is Joseph?

    Good to see him wearing a helmet too. Here at Minorca Sailing, an adult Laser sailor ended up in hospital after a hit on the head by a boom this week.

  2. TM he's seven And Yes very sensible wearing a crash hat, unlike dad who was holding one of the Opt's alongside the safety boat while we pulled them off the mud, only to get whacked by the boom as it swung.

  3. All childhoods should involve searching for treasure, especially from the cockpit of a small boat. Surely this young lad will go on to bigger things (preferably bigger boats that is), may I recommend a nice little canoe yawl with a cozy over-nighting Swallows and Amazons cabin (every childhood should have one).

  4. great pics! I love looking back at pics of my boys sailing.


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